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                                             PRESIDENT OF WIEU/CONTENANT

                      President of The World Platonist's Academy of Sciences and Arts

                   The Thoth-Pythagore-Plato-Ptolemy's Wisdom Temple

                    The World Platonist's Academy of Sciences and Arts



1. Main Principles

1.1. Contenant is the World non-governmental public Union of organizations, groups and individuals for intellectual, ecological, cultural development of peoples. Contenant is the World Intellectual Elite Union (l'Union Mondiale de l'Elite Intellectuelle - UMEI-WIEU) in the exercise of trade union rights.

1.2. Acting in conformity with the United Nations Declarations, the ILO and UNESCO conventions, the standards of international law the Contenant is organizing its departments, is authorizing its representatives, is participating in recognition, legalization of diplomas (certificates), academic degrees, in certification and support for talented & gifted people studying fundamentals and global problems.

1.3. Contenant awards international licences and prizes for intellectual activity, founds public groups & organizations in education, science and culture.

1.4. Contenant as an union of intellectual groups & organizations and individuals holds the International Register of Intellectual Groups & Organizations (IRIGO) with an issue of Certificates on the International Public Registration.

1.5. Contenant facilitates the ''Blue'' (intellectual), the ''Green" (ecological) and other human public movements. 1.6.The World Platonist's Academy of Science and Arts is the main scientific-cultural department and the ideological center of the Contenant.

1.7.The Thoth-Pythagoras-Plato-Ptolemy's Wisdom Temple is the Initiation Center of the Contenant.

2. Membership

2.1. Members are elected on a general (telecommunication) conference by majority vote.

2.2. Every member (individual) has a right to create, to act and to use his results & achievements, intellectual property independently.

2.3. Organizations and sponsors may be elected as associated members.

2.4. The entrance fee and installments are fixed by departments and branches of Contenant.

2.5. The membership is voluntary. A withdrawal of members is realized on their withdrawal applications basis.

3. Authorities

3.1. Contenant elects its Presidium, including President, Secretary General on a general (telecommunications) conference by majority vote for five years.

3.2. The Honorary President, the Honorary Presidium Members, the Honorary Fellows are elected in perpetuity (as immortal) by majority vote.

4. Representatives

4.1. Plenipotentiaries and Representatives of Contenant are appointed by President or Secretary General and act according to rules of international law and this Statute.

4.2. Representatives have their plenary powers delegated to them on the strength of credentials certified by President or Secretary General.

5. Places of headquarters and residences

5.1. Places of Initiation are Paris (France), Monte-Carlo(Monaco), Luxor (Egypt).

5.2. Places of the Statute registration and Residences of Plenipotentiaries and National Departments are in any country where they are realized.

5.3. Place of Headquarters is one of the President's residences.

This Statute has been accepted and confirmed on general conference in Paris, Nice (France), Monte-Carlo (Monaco) (1994, July 13-18).


THE WORLD CONVENTION on the World Intellectual Elite Union (WIEU) members' rights

1996, May 29


The World Intellectual Elite Union (WIEU) - CONTENANT - is an open, voluntary non-governmental international institution (organization, union, syndicate) /in exercise of trade union's rights/ for representation and protection of the intellectual world member's interests. Individual and associated members signed, joint up, supported this Convention, being guided by a self-determination principle of the intellectual world, concerning for mankind's future, taking international law tendencies into consideration, have consented to the following


A convention with its inalienable appendices and ratification deeds is crucial act in the exercise of the world referendum rights /in frame of international law/ if numbers if signatures for it are superior in numbers to signatures for a convention with a contrary, contradictory content.


The world citizenship for the Contenant members is established. This citizenship is certified by the World citizen's passport /in English, French and national language/ recommended for governments, authorities to recognize it as a document enjoying full rights to leave and to enter the country for residence in any place without a visa (a permit).


The public registration of international intellectual groups and organizations with issue of a license (a permission) to practise intellectual activity is established. Name of a registered&licensed group (organization) is entered on the list (The World Public Register) of international intellectual organizations.


An authenticity (an equality) of international and national certificates (diplomas), academic degrees, ranks are recognized on the basis of the Table of the Authenticity. Certificates (diplomas) issued by institutions registered, licensed by Contenant are recognized as documents being not in need of national, governmental recognition, legalization, nostrification etc.


This Convention is made in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, German, Japan, moreover its every copy is authentic.

The holder of this Convention and its Ratification Deeds is the CONTENANT.

______________________________________________________________________________ H.A.G.SIR ALBERT AFLITUN PTOLEMY'S SELECTED WORKS

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2. New Nonlinear Mechanics(1990).

3. Diophantine Equations(1980).

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7. Holy Dreams(2005).

8. God's Law(2003).

9. Quatrains(2005).

10. Poetry, vol.1-42 (1976-2006).

11. Human Rights and UN Reorganization(1988).

12. World Future and History Rythms(1992).

13. Ta-Meri (2006).

14. Non-linear Model of Quantum Field Theory (1993).

15. Towards New Principles of International Law (2000).

16. Philosophy of Law (2001).

17. Neoplatonist's Notes, vol. 1-22 (1982-2006).

18. Divine Orionic Initiation in Ancient Egypt (2005).

19. Truth and Law (2006).

20. New World Philosophy (2006).

21. New Problems of Number Theory (2006).

22. Forecasting Quatrains (2007).

23. Documents&Declarations (www.wpc.comvision2000.com).

24. New World Order Declaration (2008).

25. New Classic and Quntum Mechanics: Hidden Variables Models (2009).

26. Human Rights Violaton and Our (The World Justice Movement) Struggle (2009).

27. Hafiz Shirazi's Ghazals Translation.

28. Ethnology Reader, vol.1-3 (2011)

29. Politology Reader (2011).

30. Finances&Eco Reader (2011- )

31. Poetry (www.stihi.ru). (2010 - )






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