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The God’s light in his justice is me,

And the vile Satan in his lie is me,

As Satan is the worst God’s creature,

So there is my sin tormenting me.





Love is a god whom we are in fire in,

And death is a god whom we are going to.

And if life is that we are creating,

Every creature is only a mind’s mist.





God creates the heaven spheres music

By his dictation in my thoughts.

I’m perfectly happy flying in them

And liking everything around me.





Flower petals are turning in a dream,

And angels are singing since morning.

And stars light sends us its stream

Shining, reflecting tonight and owing.





Moisha is right : everything is of God.

Jesus is right : Love will save.

Muhammad is right : the origin is unique.

And Buddha is also right : everywhere is God.






And everything is nothing, only a dream.

Where is God, where did he go from me?

One betrayed me who fell in love with me.

And my soul disappeared to be always free.





Entering your many dimensions

I like to dissolve inside You.

And your Truth, Light, Good, Love

Help me to take my wings over vile crews.





I’m full by love with you

In the passion for mutual satisfaction.

And when you were named a tutor

I was your best pupil.






                                              (Neo-Platonists’ Dialogue)


Walking through the Moscow Izmailovo Park friends Albert and Michel were often discussing on eternal themes of wisdom, love, soul, unity, truth, natural law, justice, light, space-time, numbers, eternity etc. One day Michel asked Albert to discuss about Pythagoras in more detailed form.


M. When we were discussing on soul, unity and PARMENIDES you often remembered Pythagoras as the great Egyptian-Greek hierophant, the highest priest of wisdom.

Perhaps, now is time for a discussion about him and his ideas and life.

A. D’accord. Let’s begin since beginning of Pythagorean mind. How do you think about a number? What is the unit, what is the one?

M. I have read several books, which cover this theme. And the only thing I remember is I didn’t like their answers. Modern authors of such books do not, most probably, aware main basics of mathematics, and they use only metaphysical explanations.

From my point of view, the number is the first and easiest step to apprehend internal formal-logical world. According to my current level of knowledge, I accept the One as axiom and simplest brick of that world. I am eager to comprehend to things:

1.      to explore formal-logical world as much as possible.

2.      How that world controls our lives, in personal and cosmic scale.

Why we need to know the simplest brick in "One"?

A.      Michel, I was supposing you’ll reply by Parmenides phrases because we understood that the unit as the unity is indefinite, indefinable, beyond the human comprehension , inexplicable , unimaginable, inexpressible for human mind and consciousness one is too difficult for cognition. Remember, please, when a schoolchild  solving an arithmetic task with vulgar fraction understands with great difficulty how is it possible to accept different things as a field, work etc. as the one, as the unit. And only after verification he was agreed to accept any thing for the unit. Therefore, we agree to accept the unit for practice, we accept as an axiom, but we never understand it! As Plato following later Pythagoras and Parmenides said it’s necessary to be the very wise to understand what is the unit. It’s enough.

             Now my next question: How can we obtain two from the unit? How and where Plato said about  it? Why we can include ourselves into the unit and exclude from the unit simultaneously?

M.     It’s truly, we cannot include the unit outside an axiomatic system. And we can obtain nothing      

doing not postulate some rules or essence in addition to the unit. There are same foundations both in mathematics and in physics where exist some axiomatic systems. Two thousand years ago one thought that the unique system of axioms exists in arithmetic and geometry, but Plato understood that one can add different rules to the unit: addition and division only to obtain two from the unit.

A.       Certainly, Plato said it in his dialogue PHAEDO (97a,b). And only by abstract thinking and

abstract  thought  we are able to divide things and notions, to imagine the unit and our inclusion into and exclusion from it. 

             Now let’s come back to Pythagorean system. What is One? It’s the unit, therefore, God, unity,  intellect, mind, wisdom.  What is Two? Two is the cosmos, visible, material, of suffering.      

Two is also knowledge. Three is an opinion. Four is a sensation, a feeling. Thus we obtain an hierarchy, pyramide : 1+2+3+4=10.

     Pythagoras naming his doctrine "philosophy" had postulated that numbers  and its proportions  are the very principles ,  harmonies. Unity-God and his creature as nature are communicating  in mathematical language where number is first principle, mean, beginning and sign. Compactification and, therefore, understanding, cognition of information on universe, mind, knowledge, on virtual, possible worlds are achieved by the only, mathematical way beginning since number. Further mathematical categories have not a number nature, then we’d come to homogeneous infinity, but all they have same abstract, compact, sign nature, generalizing essence.        


The Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Book



That Amon is glorified,

He is who remains Unique.



Staying in His Unity

He doesn’t cease to keep

Millions of  His forms.





Generations pass

Among peoples

And God who creates every distinction

Is hidden.


Adore God in His images

If He is represented

By a stone statue

Or a bronze one,

Or as water replacing by water.


Act for God,

He will act for you.


Pharao Kheti of Heracleopolis

To his son Merikare 2100 B.C.






If you are grand

  After you have been slight,

If you are rich

  After you have been poor,

Remain simple.


The first rank parvenu,

Don’t have your head turned

By success ;

You didn’t become

As a quartermaster

Of  God’s benefits


Ptah Hotep





A man of humble birth

Who comports

With arrogance

Is copiously detested.


A man by noble origin

Who comports

With modesty

Is high respected.




Fifth century B.C.



Don’t inspire people with fear

Because God will fight

Against you by same one.

If someone pretends to live

By this mean

God will deprive him

Of  livelihood.

When someone pretends

To enrich himself He says:

“I should like to take

these riches from you”.

If someone pretends to fight

He will be reduced to powerlessness.

Let one  inspire

nobody with fear,

let one live

in lap of peace,

and let it be happen

he’ll give to all who wish

everything taken by him from them

according to frightening.


Wisdom of PtahHotep

About 2500 B.C.,

Y Dynasty






If you do good

for five hundreds people

And one among them

Recognizes it

Then it isn’t a lost thing


The Priest Ankhsheshonqy’s Instruction





Who loves his neighbour

He finds always relatives

Near him.


God allows to acquire riches

To do good






Don’t be vicious,

Self-control is beautiful ;

Create a durable monument for yourself

By Love

          which you leave


Doctrine of Actoes II

About 2000 B.C.







Let you do time of your existence active

Doing more than it was told.

Don’t accuse time,

Only rule your activity.


That is  a person blamed for

Who uses bad his chances.


Don’t lose the daily occasion

For the increasing

Of  your home privacy.

The activity produces riches,

But  which do not go on

When the activity is interrupted.


If you are a wise man

Form your son thankful to God.

If he adjusts his government in your way

And makes your business

What is due to you,

Do everything what you could do;

He is your son, being attached to you,

Who has generated your duration.

Don’t separate you heart from him.


                                          Ptah Hotep





One doesn’t teach to recognize

The brother’s heart

When he wouldn’t like to appeal  to it

In his poverty.






Be good in your heart so long

As you live.


                          Ptah Hotep’s Wisdom




Don’t worry about tomorrow

At your night.

When tomorrow will come

What’ll happen by it ?






A wise word is more hidden

Than the emerald is.

Incidentally one finds it

Among humble workers

Threshing grain.


The Priss of Avesnes Paryrus 2400 B.C. 




The art has no limits,

And any artist has no perfection



                          Ptah Hotep









Best regards to you who are in this hall,

Who are got rid of lie

by their essence,

who live as a just, righteous one!

Well, I came to you

Without sins, without offenses,

Without dirt, without accuser,

Without one

Against whom I have wreaked my fury..

I have given bread to hungry person,

Water to thirsting for it,

Clothes to nude persons,

A boat to them who had no it.

And I made divine sacrifices for gods and funeral offerings

For saints.

Well, save me, protege me,

Don’t bring rapport against me

Before Grand God.

I have come here

To testify to truth,

To show a balance

In its exact position

Inside Kingdom of Mortals.

Oh, who is high lauded to the skies

Whom one has given the name

Of  Master of Breathes,

Save me from your messengers,


Initiators of sanctions,

Who are without indulgence;

Because I practise justice

For Master of Justice.

         I’m pure,

My upper limbs

 are purified ,

my  lower limbs

are purified,

my trunk has been

in the fountain of Justice.


The ancient Egyptian Prayer





Follow after whom is ignored

As after scientist.


                     Ptah Hotep






Return twice bread

What your mother has  given you.

Carry her as she carried you.


Ani’s Maxims

About 1300 BC.





Death is before me today,

As the healing of a disease,

As the saving

                   from a torment.


Death is before me today,

As  the  myrrh’s smell,

As a rest under a tent

 a great windy day.


Death is before me today,

as the lotus flower smell,

As a halt in rivers

                    of intoxication.


Death is before me today,

As a way after raining,

As a home return

       After a long war.


Death is before me today,

As a clearing sky

                   From clouds,

As a desire to have an inaccessible thing.


Death is before me today,

As thirst to look at home


After long time spent in captivity.



Extract of Dialogue between a Tired of life man and his soul,

About 1300 BC.





Everybody  continues to subsist

After he has entered haven of Death,

And his actions are near him there.


The Pharao Kheti’s Doctrine

About 2000 BC.





Turn a day into Holiday,

Forget every Evil,

Enjoy happiness

Till one day

 you’ll put in to the shore

Where eternal rest is liked.


The Harpist’s Song

On the NeferHotep Tomb,

Luxor, XIY century BC.






I have created four winds,

                        - Re signs -

for that everyone could breathe

                         as his brother;

great water

for that the poor could use it

like his landlord;

I have created every man

like his brother;

I have banned

People would commit lawlessness.

But their hearts have destroyed

What  I have prescribed for them.


Text on the XII Dynasty Sarcophagus


About 1900 BC.












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